Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting

Many localities, both public and private, are a long way from the power grid, and are therefore still not lighted satisfactorily, thus constituting a danger to vehicles and people. The list of locations for mounting the solar lighting systems is almost endless:
traffic routes, extra-urban roads, large parking areas, private entertainment venues etc.
Solutronic Energy Cyprus Ltd partners with the world's leading solar lamp manufacturers to not only provide reliable lighting, but also inexpensive lighting. Using our range of solar lamps will always pay off, because not only can costs of electricity conduction, be avoided, digging and construction works are minimised, and quality is assured.
With the exception of the pole and the foundation, our lamps are ready to be mounted and can be set up rapidly. They are instantly ready to operate and do not cause any consumption costs. However, the first priority in this world's high climate change effects, our lamps save considerable amounts of CO2.
Innovative technology means:
■ Energy-saving lighting devices with low-voltage lamp ballast and
extremely high illuminating power.
■ Processor controlled energy management for realising optimum and economical lighting programs.
■ Professional charging technology of 50 - 800 Watt solar modules and temperature-compensated charging curve.
■ Hermetically sealed, cycle resistant, top-quality lead, respectively lead gel battery for long and maintenance-free operation
■ LED technology for particularly energy-saving lighting with very high illuminating power.

Solar Street Lamp Benefits

Turning Night into Day

  • No line voltage, trenching, or metering
  • No power outages
  • Battery backup for cloudy or rainy days
  • Distributed light and power – no single point of failure for enhanced security
  • Easy to install with quick connect plugs – less than 1 hour
  • No scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years
  • No cost of replacing concrete, asphalt or landscaping
  • No cost of transformers or meters to be added for electric service
  • Qualify for savings, incentives and funding from various local and regional authorities
  • No monthly electric bills
  • Controlled charging to prolong battery service life
  • Long-life PV modules with more than 25 years of power generation capacity
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% powered by the sun, solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, eliminating pollution
  • Self-contained solution – Light on/off controlled by automatic daylight sensing or hour preset, no running or maintenance cost
  • Better light source – LED lights feature cool white light without flickering and higher brightness than sodium lights
  • Safe 12 volt/24 volt circuit, no risk of electric shock

Think Smart, Charge Smart and Light Smart with Solutronic

Communication and Control

Data transmission via Wireless Lan or radio control for dimming, switching off and controlling any lighting function

Radio transmission principle:

For radio controlling the solar street lighting, a receiver unit for each street light location is needed, as well as a sender- and a

control unit for selecting the receiver units (respectively the street light locations). Since each receiver unit also functions as

a repeater, very long distances can be bridged with a very low transmitting power.

Solar Solutions

■ Switch cabinets with charging controllers, switch clock and twilight switch IP 55
■ Pole for street lamp without foundation - Height: 4 – 15 meters
■ Fixing device for lamp and modules
■ Internal cabling. Energy supply dependent on geographical position and temperatures. 
■ Dimmer
■ Switching off (reduction of light or switching off at night time)
■ Simultaneous switching on of light groups via data lanes
■ Communication facilities, such as W-Lan, GSM or radio
■ Training for service and maintenance