Solutronic Solutions

EV Charging Stations

Efficient, high-performance,
and rapid EV charging

The network of EV Charging Stations is growing daily, and all over Europe the number of Charging Stations is increasing daily. In the near future, electric vehicles will be a key component in traffic reduction and Cyprus is part of that growth sector. Although there are several electric vehicles worth being mass produced additional efforts are needed to help E-mobility to become more popular. Everyday electric vehicles, E-Cars, E-Scooters, E-Bikes, and E-Boats are all part of the E-Mobility Revolution.

A critical part in the infrastructure, is EV-Charging Stations, loading stations and possibly also battery exchange stations. Solutronic Energy Cyprus Ltd and its partners' EV Charging Stations fit within this range, giving you a way to always find a loading station even on longer routes.
Why not become part of our network  Charging Programme in Cyprus, and add a new SEC EV Charging Station and improve regional coverage.

Energy Parks and Field Operations

Your partner in finding the most effective and therefore best solution for you! 

Renewable utility-scale energy parks that generate electricity from either wind or solar energy sources are the largest and most rapidly developing, and usually attract the highest amounts of investments. Solutronic Energy Cyprus Ltd should be your first choice for your energy park, as our electrical and construction engineers design and construct the optimum site to generate and distribute energy through the utility-grid, OR for storage in our unique High Temperature Storage facilities.

Why not let Solutronic Energy Cyprus Ltd assist you in the building of your next plant?

Zero Export

Limit your feed-in with a zero export option

The Solutronic zero export management solutions offer export limitation options (Feed-in Limitation/Zero Export), integrated in the Solutronic inverter firmware, which dynamically adjust PV power production. This allows system owners to install PV systems of any size, while ensuring the power exported to the grid does not exceed the limitation OR does not enter the grid at all.

Zero Export 2

The Solutronic zero export 2 Post Installation  solution offers the same export limitation option (Feed-in Limitation/Zero Export), integrated in the Solutronic inverter firmware, for system owners who have already installed a PV systems of any size. This package offers the same Solutronic Inverters, Solutronic GridManager and Solar-Log option, while omitting the PV panels already installed.

Wind Power