Solar Monitoring


Solar-Log™ The ideal combination of monitoring device and evaluation platform, for every plant size, one or 100 plants, private or industrial.

The Solar-Log™ WEB solution is an all-inclusive trouble-free service package, the simplest solution for plant owners, and for technically adept private plant owners who would like to monitor their plants themselves.

The Classic 2nd Edition offers all of the basic functions for monitoring and analysing status messages. The yields and reports are graphically presented. The ”Classic 2nd Edition“ is free of charge up to 30 kWp. 

Smart Energy

To work efficiently, we need greater independence from rising electricity prices. As Feed-in tariffs are being reduced, and tax incentives and subsidies are being removed, we must therefore look for ways to optimise our Return on Investment (RoI).
As a consequence, the constantly increasing energy needs make the storage and optimised consumption of self-produced power essential. Intelligent heating with PV power, for example, offers solutions.
We need clever control of self-produced power
All Solar-Log™ devices (other than the Solar-Log 250) offer the option to precisely control appliances via the Solar-Log™. Additional options to control appliances include networked “smart plugs” and the integrated relays such as Solar-Log™ Smart Relay Stations on the Solar-Log 300, 1200 and 2000.

You can operate Solar-Log 1200 and Solar-Log 2000 directly from the device. The graphical reports of a PV plant’s yield and consumption data, as well as the energy flows within a building, are visualised on the colour TFT display. The Smart Energy automation can be turned on and off from the TFT display.

The new Solar-Log™ menu structure provides an intuitive user interface. This new structure allows smart electrical appliances, such as an EGO Smarter Heater in combination with Smart Plugs, to be controlled and prioritized based on the amount of surplus power. Different energy profiles and components can be linked and checked based on the simulation.

Easy to View - Easy to Use

Solar Thermal

The Solar-Log™ Dashboard provides a dynamic display of all of the important plant information, such as yields, your environmental contribution in the form of C02 savings, and the current weather forecast for the plant's location.

Stay on top of things with regular easy-to-read plant yield reports.

If an irradiation sensor is attached to your plant, the current performance ratio, i.e. the relationship between the actual and theoretical energy outputs of your plant, can be visualised.

All of the status and error messages from the inverters are listed in the event log.

The graphic displays your plant's yield values in the form of daily, monthly, annual and total overviews.