January 2017

Be Safe with Solutronic Energy Cyprus Ltd and Solutronic Products

Our Solutronic Energy Cyprus devices and accessories are generally equipped with a manufacturer's guarantee.

However, please note that the complete guarantee is only available after registration of our products.

                                                                              Manufacturer's guarantee                        Guarantee extension* 

SOLPLUS inverter                                                                2 years                                                                      6 years

SOLENERGY inverter                                                       2 years                                                                      6 years

SOLENERGY accessories                                               1 year                                                                         2 years

SOLENERGY storage systems                                     2 years                                                                      6 years

* via registration
For more details, see our detailed manufacturer's guarantee conditions (in German).

Additional guarantee expansion

An additional runtime guarantee of the inverters for 10 and 20 years is possible via our partner COVERIS,

HOWEVER, the guarantee must be entered into separately via our partner. Please ask for more information.

                                                                 Extension to 10 years                        Extension to 20 years

SOLPLUS 25                                             106.88EUR                                                    198.07 EUR

SOLPLUS 35                                             142.50 EUR                                                    264.10 EUR

SOLPLUS 50                                             187.50 EUR                                                    347.50 EUR

SOLPLUS 55                                             206.25 EUR                                                    382.25 EUR

SOLPLUS 80                                             300.00 EUR                                                    556.00 EUR

SOLPLUS 100                                         375.00 EUR                                                    695.00 EUR

SOLPLUS 120                                         450.00 EUR                                                     834.00 EUR

All information subject to change.