Grid Feed-in Control

Feed in of photovoltaic power is subjected to increasing regulations and feed in limitations. Our answer to this are Solutronic GridManagers. With their FEED-IN function, they promise maximum feed in and minimum compensation reduction when used in conjunction with our SOLPLUS and SOLENERGY inverters.


Efficient, high-performance, precise

It is sensible to use a GridManager63K when more power is produced than could be fed in. While the max. feed in power at the grid connection point is complied with, the remaining energy can be directly used up. The device is connected to the solar inverter via the present Ethernet interface. Several inverters can be cascaded without exceeding the max. grid feed in power.

The GridManager63K monitors all three phases, but can measure each phase precisely. The maximum current limit is at 63 A. This means that further systems can be connected for already-installed PV facilities, if the current does not exceed 63A per phase.

*     Please note that Solutronic GridManagers only work with Solutronic Inverters.


Efficient, high-performance, robust

The GridManager250K works like its little brother, the GridManager63K. However, its maximum current is at 250 A and the power cables are connected via the snap core current transformers that are enclosed. This means that if PV plants are already installed, up to 25 additional PV hybrid inverters with batteries can be connected that communicate with each other to avoid exceeding the maximum grid infeed output.

*    Please note that Solutronic GridManagers only work with Solutronic Inverters.