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Lithium Batteries

Energy whenever you need it

Innovative energy storage is the first step to autonomy. The power generated on site is consumed at once. The excessive energy is stored and provided again later, around the clock. For this, we have designed modular power storage with environmentally compatible and safe lithium-ion technology to store energy in private households and commercial facilities.

Solar Inverters

The heart and brain of any photovoltaic installation

With the Solutronic SOLPLUS and SOLENERGY inverters, your PV system is and remains a reliable energy source in the long term.
Get most yield and power for yourself with our inverters!.

Battery Cells

The basis for quality

Our lithium-iron-phosphate cells and the specifically developed battery management system (BMS) form the basis for our energy storage solutions. Both components can be used in home storage systems and in the commercial area

Grid Managers

Effective, quick and precise

Avoid statutory regulations and infeed limitations in future with the GridManager. It measures the current power flow into the grid and at the same time is connected to all SOLPLUS and SOLENERGY inverters in the installation. Depending on the setting, all inverters of the installation adjust your feed in output to the desired value according to own power consumption. This bypasses the flat-rate limitation.

PhotoVoltaic Panels

Indefinite renewable energy at your fingertips!

Solutronic Energy Cyprus Ltd and its partners, increase your ecological and economical credibility. We provide a large range of products to meet the diverse needs of our clients and partners. Whether you are installing solar panels on a rooftop or in a sun-soaked park, we have the quality for your project. All our products are manufactured under strict Solutronic quality assurance, with European components and according to international standards.  


Energy Storage Systems

Innovative energy storage is the first step to autonomy. The power generated on site is consumed at once. The excessive energy is stored and provided again later, around the clock. For this, our partners RES and HTS, have designed powerful Storage Systems with environmentally compatible and safe technology that store energy in independent facilities.

Lead Carbon Batteries

Trusted technology

With advanced lead carbon technology, product design and manufacturing experience, our lead carbon batteries produce a high performance AGM VRLA battery with deep cycle for high energy storage system performance.

Lead Gel Batteries

Reliable energy at realistic cost

Using advanced German tubular pure gel technology, product design and manufacturing experience, our lead gel batteries are imported directly into Europe from the factory in Japan. 

EV Charging

The future is now!

Want to be part of the EV revolution? Setting the network in place, with stations available in private neighbourhoods, shopping malls, office complexes, industrial estates and along highways.
and YOU can be part of it!
Think Smart, Drive Smart and Charge Smart with Solutronic

Solar Management

Monitoring whenever you need it

The Solar-Log™ WEB solution is an all-inclusive trouble-free service package, the simplest solution for plant owners.
For technically adept private plant owners who would like to monitor their plants themselves.

Mounting Systems

The support for your photovoltaic installation

Our high-quality solar energy systems for outdoor, flat or trapezoidal roofs and develops solutions for individual requirements. You get all the services from a single source: From the detailed planning to the timely realization, including ramping, assembly, electrical work and fence system.

Battery Management

Controlling, systematic, organised

Our battery management systems (BMS) match all offered lithium-iron-phosphate cells and are designed for 16 cells in series each. Our latest generation of BMS includes also a BMU functionality. With this device, 255 Slave BMS can be connected to form a large storage system.

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